The R/6 ministry is an extension of the ongoing prison ministry that seeks to guide ex-offenders in discipline, discipleship, and devotion through personal relationships and church support.

About R/6 Mentoring

We have named the program R/6 because we hope to accomplish the following:

Release: Mentoring provided through relationship building in preparation for release from incarceration.

  • Trained mentors will be assigned to each offender after being accepted into the program. The mentors will begin to visit the offender three to six months prior to release.

Reentering: Counsel will be provided by the mentors and others.

  • Assistance seeking employment, housing, etc. will be provided to aid the former offender during the process of reentering into the mainstream of life.

Readjustment: The mentors and others will continue to work with the former offenders on building family relationships and dealing with everyday issues. Each individual will be surrounded by a loving and supportive team giving continued encouragement.

  • Prayer partner
  • Counsel
  • Accountability

Relationship: Building relationships is often difficult. The mentors, along with the mentoring church family, will aid in this area.

  • Individuals will be encouraged to be involved in small group studies.
  • Individuals will be encouraged to be involved in church fellowships.
  • Hopefully individuals will become part of the church family and have a sense of belonging.

Responsibility: It will be the goal of the mentors to aid the former offenders as much as possible, yet it is up to the individual to accept responsibility for their actions.

  • Leading individuals to realize that the support group and mentors can only do so much and that the final results are their responsibility.

Reward: Being successful in being a part of society and assuming responsibility for one’s own success or failure.

  • New relationships
  • A solid foundation from which to build
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hope
  • Financially Independent


Randy Foster
1414 Yager Ln
LaGrange, KY 40031

Phone: 502-797-6580

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